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In Search of Tomorrow will be the most comprehensive retrospective of the '80s Sci-Fi movie genre ever made. Journey back with us to a time of childhood wonder, imagination, and unlimited possibility as we celebrate, explore, and recontextualise the films that defined our perspective of the future.​

In Search of Tomorrow is currently in pre-production, but we're excited to announce a wide range of interviewees have already joined us, including

Sean Young (Actor - Blade Runner)

Wil Wheaton (Actor - Star Trek, Big Bang Theory)

Henry Thomas (Actor - E.T.)

Alex Winter (Actor - Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure)

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The ultimate resource for ‘80s Sci-Fi movie fans, In Search of Tomorrow will be packed with interviews that give a fresh perspective on the films we know and love. We'll be speaking to actors, directors, special effects maestros, and writers to uncover untold stories and celebrate the unique and wonderful worlds they created.

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