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Our Team

CREATORVC is a global team with the shared objective of creating documentaries that celebrate the topics that we love. Our goal is to understand old classics in new ways, revisit and recontextualise childhood favourites, and create the kind of niche documentaries that we always wanted to watch – but couldn’t until now.

Our first two documentaries, In Search of the Last Action Heroes and In Search of Darkness, came from this idea. In creating these, we discovered that our audience were not only underserved, but that they wanted much more than just documentaries – they wanted an experience.

Our projects bring together fans and offer them the opportunity not just to consume great features, but to take part in creating them. We mobilize our audience and help them become part of our creative process: to be co-creators with us, adding their own ideas, experiences, and expertise to the process.


Ultimately, it’s about relationships, community, and finding your tribe: if that’s you, welcome.

About Us

We’re a remote team based across the U.S. and Europe who came together around a shared love of ‘80s movies and creating great content. We trust each other to work autonomously and take care of our individual areas of responsibility.

Our flexible working style means we can hire great talent from anywhere in the world, but we always aim to hire from within our community when we can. If you like what we do and you’d like to work with us, we encourage you to get stuck in – who knows what might happen?

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