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We are a remote team based across the U.S. and Europe who came together around a shared love of creating great content. Our documentaries include In Search of the Last Action Heroes, In Search of Darkness Part I and II (‘80s Horror) and the upcoming In Search of Tomorrow (‘80s Sci-Fi), First Person Shooter (FPS Games), In Search of Darkness: Part III, and In Search of Pixels.

What’s It Like to Work with CREATORVC?

When you join the CREATORVC team, you’ll be entering a highly collaborative remote work environment. Each member of the team is expected to be a self-starter, to contribute their opinions in team meetings, and to take responsibility for their area of expertise. You’ll need to have good communication and a can-do attitude.


Because we’re a small team, you can expect to be given more responsibility than you might have at other jobs. We have a flat organizational structure and you can expect to receive feedback from several team members on your work and, in turn, to give your feedback on their work. We believe that ‘iron sharpens iron’ - that by giving and receiving honest feedback and discussing difficult strategic decisions as a team, we can all help each other improve.


We expect the best, but we also know that hard work should be rewarded well. We function like a cooperative: our team invests their time and skills in the project, and in return they get a share of the rewards. When our projects earn more, our team earns more. This profit-sharing means every team member is focused on making each project as successful as possible.


Last but not least, working at CREATORVC is fun. There’s a reason why we create content about movies and video games - this is what we enjoy! In addition to creating great documentaries, we also get to geek out together, discuss the latest releases, and enjoy working with others with similar interests.

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