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Get Involved

By Joining Our Advisory Team

Our advisory teams are the industry experts, content creators, and media gurus who help us plan and execute great campaigns. They volunteer behind the scenes on specific projects they are passionate about, lending their expertise and experience to help our core team deliver a high-quality product.


Our advisory team receive IMDB credits for their work and become part of our community.

You’ll meet like-minded individuals who share your passion and you may get a chance to become part of our core team: when we have a opening we look first to our advisory team before hiring elsewhere.


It’s not for everyone: you’ll need to be proactive, highly-engaged, and willing to get stuck in.

If that doesn’t sound like fun, this isn’t the project for you. Please don’t contact us unless you are highly-motivated and ready to get involved.

Success Stories

"Working on the advisory team for the upcoming '80s horror documentary has been an incredible experience and has opened up my career in so many new ways. Not only has it made me fully realize the power of crowdfunding and connecting with a community of fans, but it has also connected with me with some the very best talent out there who shares the same passions as I do. It's been an absolute joy to be able to be a part of such a fantastic team."


Heather Wixson

Head of PR

"The whole project has been an incredible experience. Initially, I was approached by CreatorVC to be part of their advisory team for In Search of the Last Action Heroes. However, one of the company's skills is recognising talent and ability, and they then brought me onto the project as a writer/producer and, because of my subject knowledge, hired me to do many of the interviews for the film. The entire process has been incredibly collaborative and a wonderful experience"


Timon Singh


"I cannot put into words how strongly I have enjoyed working with everyone at CreatorVC. I have made friendships, become directly involved in a project that I've wanted to make

for years, and I'm doing something I'm proud of. To top it all, I've helped shape a project that, in my eyes, is an amalgamation of all the care, affection and raw passion of the fandom as a whole." 


Dominic Wallis


"Being a part of an advisory team with CreatorVC is an extremely collaborative and rewarding experience. What I enjoy most is the level of creative freedom and responsibility that the opportunity presents. Whether you're helping design graphics or trailers, building the social media calendar, researching relevant media to share, or creating reward tiers, everyone has a voice and a part to play in the process."  


Witt Reese

Associate Producer

"There is a wonderful, enthusiastic camaraderie that develops on the specific advisory teams assembled for CreatorVC's unique projects. Not only do these imaginative teams cultivate positive, constructive ideation, but the quality of these colleagues and their willingness to pool their respective talents opens up doors to personal and professional opportunities."


David Weiner


"I’ve enjoyed the challenge and working with so many amazing people.  Working on a film has always been a dream of mine and seeing it come fruition with such a wonderful group helping make it happen is truly that dream. I’ve been a fan of the genres we’re celebrating all my life and it feels like we’re creating a piece of history by showcasing the topic in a way that’s never been done before.

Being a part of CreatorVC has given me experience that’s helped me grow my skills in public relations, publicity, and filmmaking. It’s grown my resume and shown me the benefits of collaboration and finding the right people."


Jessica Dwyer

Associate Producer

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