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What Is An Affiliate?


We work with a curated network of affiliate partners to promote our documentary sales campaigns. It’s a win-win: in return for promoting our projects, affiliates receive commission and access to high-quality content to share with their audience. So basically, think of it like this: you’re excited about our work and online community, share the news with your audience, and earn money for doing so.

Who Can Be An Affiliate?


Well, anyone really! There are no requirements, no costs and you don’t need to be located in any particular area.

All you need to invest is some of your time in order to promote our campaign to your fans using the professionally-created resources we provide you.

How Does Payment Work?

We give you a unique affiliate link so we can track customers who click from one of your promotions. You can post your affiliate link in your bio, profile or use Linktree. Visitors use your link to visit our sales page and purchase our documentary. In exchange for promoting our campaign, we will pay you a 20% commission every time a member of your audience makes a purchase through your link (sales are tracked independently using tracking software). We pay you after the campaign is complete.

How Can You Promote The Campaign?

It’s easy to get started. We will supply you with everything you need to start promoting our campaign.
We provide trailers, mash-ups, images, interview clips, and more. This highly-relevant content helps you entertain your audience and spread the word about our campaign. 


We will provide a posting schedule and campaign assets that you can integrate into your content creation calendar. There is no minimum number of posts you have to do over the course of the campaign. But remember, the best way to ensure success as an affiliate is to put out content consistently. More posts lead to more sales, which results in a win-win!

How Long Is the Campaign?

The In Search of Darkness: Part II campaign starts October 6th and ends October 31st. Our campaign runs for a fixed-length of time. This adds excitement and means the campaign ends before your audience tires of hearing about it.

What Products Are Included In The Sale?

Blu-Ray or DVD of the documentary with slipcover and collectible booklet. Includes 4+ hours of horror insights including 15+ new interviewees. The package also includes:

  • 3 x In Search of Darkness: Part II Posters (3 Different Designs)

  • In Search of Darkness: Part II Digital Soundtrack and Score

  • In Search of Darkness: Part II Enamel Pin

  • In Search of Darkness Digital Edition

  • In Search of Darkness: Part II Digital Edition


Plus, a 12-month season-pass to the In Search of Darkness Discord Community, featuring regular watch parties and special events totaling 60+ hours of entertainment. Upcoming special guests include Kane Hodder, Elvira, Bill Moseley, and Linnea Quigley, with many more to come. This is your chance to be live and interactive with the greatest names in ‘80s Horror.

When Can You Get the Trailer?

October 6th

When Will The IMDb Page Go Up?

October 6th

When Will The Documentary Be Released?

Community Access & Digital Edition delivered November 17th. Physical items ship December 2020.

Will The Names of Affiliates Be In The Credits of the Documentary?

Yes! Affiliates who promote our campaign will get a Special Thanks credit.

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