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Welcome to a new species of film documentary 


Prepare for dust off, folks. Exploring James Cameron’s epic from teeth to tail, Aliens Expanded will open up this beloved film like never before. Aliens is arguably - Hell, let’s just say it - the greatest sequel of all time; Aliens Expanded will be the ultimate celebration of exactly why.


It will go deep, right into the heart of the nest, to unearth the reason why we return to its embrace again and again. Every line on our lips. Every action beat a muscle memory. A genuine classic still as terrifying as the day we first joined the mission back to LV-426.


Much, much more than a making of. Way more ambitious than some video essay. Never before will such passion, wit, intellect, and pure worship be applied to a single film. 

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Think you know Aliens? Think again. 


Made by fans, for fans.  


  • Incredible insight not only into the creation of Aliens, but its extraordinary cinematic legacy. 


  • Microscopic scene-by-scene analysis driven by memories, stories, facts, opinion, and mad appreciation. 


  • Extensive commentary from cast, crew, critics, experts, fans, and total obsessives. 


  • Explorations of theme, plot, characters, design, atmosphere, special effects, and the sheer, heart-stopping power of the movie.


  • A deep dive into the fandom that surrounds the film and the mythology at large. 


  • Including a year-long Aliens celebration taking you up to the release of the film 

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“We got tactical smart missiles, phase-plasma pulse rifles, RPGs, we got some sonic ballbreakers! We got nukes, we got knives, sharp sticks…” 

Private Hudson

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