In Search Of Tomorrow

"In Search of Tomorrow" will be the most comprehensive retrospective of the '80s Sci-Fi movie genre ever made. Journey back with us to a time of childhood wonder, imagination, and unlimited possibility as we explore the films that defined our perspective of the future.


The journey is only just beginning, and for the first time ever we’re offering you the opportunity to come on board from the very start. This is your chance to join an exclusive community of Sci-Fi superfans. You’ll get unique insights into the making of In Search of Tomorrow, interact regularly with the team, and even get the chance to shape the documentary itself.

Our Vision For In Search Of Tomorrow

This documentary will be our love-letter to the Sci-Fi films we grew up with; the films that dared to ask, "what if?" and offered us a vision of future technology, society, and culture that simultaneously delighted, amazed and scared us.


We still remember the magic of seeing these films for the first time, and we’ve been trying to recapture that feeling ever since. Vader’s redemption, Ripley’s duel with the Alien Queen, Roy Batty’s “Tears in Rain”, and many more. Moments that surprised us. Moments that moved us. Moments that left a lasting impact on our subconscious. Years later, we’re still trying to recreate these transformative experiences.


This will be the ultimate resource for ‘80s Sci-Fi movie fans, packed with interviews that give a fresh perspective on the films we know and love. We'll be speaking to actors, directors, special effects maestros and writers to uncover untold stories and celebrate the unique and wonderful worlds they created.


We'll also be speaking to those who were inspired by these films: the science fiction fans who grew up to become the world-leading engineers, scientists, and inventors who are building today's future. We want to speak to the likes of Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the internet, on Wargames; Tesla mastermind Elon Musk on Back To The Future’s DeLorean; and Nolan Bushnell, founding father of the pioneering computer games system Atari, on The Last Starfighter.


We want to make this documentary to celebrate, explore, and recontextualise these films and the influence they’ve had both on ourselves and our culture. We want to go beyond the movies, to the science, technology, and art they’ve inspired. We want to create this documentary as a time capsule, capturing unheard stories and perspectives not just for us, but for future generations.


We want to do this project for all those reasons, and for the simplest one of all – because when the lights go down, we’re all kids again.


  • Learn about the '80s Sci-Fi era from the perspective of the directors, producers, actors, and writers who brought our favourite stories to the big screen.

  • Investigate how pioneering SFX, practical effects and the earliest advances in CGI that brought spaceships, extra-terrestrials, and alien landscapes to life.

  • Explore Sci-Fi's long-lasting impact on our culture, science, technology, and art.

  • Examine how Sci-Fi influenced the development of many of today's game-changing technologies: artificial intelligence, electric vehicles, communication systems, cryptocurrency and more.

  • Critiques and new perspectives will provide a deeper understanding of our favourite Sci-Fi moments.

  • Take a deep-dive into ‘80s aesthetic: retro dashboards, HUDs and computers. How does the ‘80s vision of the future stand up today?

  • Revisit Our Favourite The Heroes and Heroines – Solo, Ripley, Deckard, Connor, Muad’Dib, The Ghostbusters, RoboCop, and more.

  • Take a fresh look at the weapons that thrilled us - the blasters, phasers, lightsabers, and proton packs.