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As a creative business, we want to do something more than just create content for people to consume. Our aim is to build something that brings joy and comfort, that pulls people together, and becomes the foundation of lifelong friendships.

We want to be the place you visit to talk about your favourite era of cinema; a non-toxic place to learn, discuss, and meet new friends. Like a certain bar, this is the place where everyone knows your (user)name.

Our community is a welcoming place to learn and talk about an era of cinema that you really love.

What’s better than being able to jump online and chat to people who just get your quirky choice in movies and are happy to talk about it?

As part of our latest project, In Search of Tomorrow, we are building a community centred around

‘80s Sci-Fi using Discord. This is the ultimate destination for discussing ‘80s Sci-Fi.

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