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Conceived, funded, produced and distributed in under 18 months, our second documentary, In Search of Darkness, was a critical and commercial success. With a four-hour-plus runtime and 45+ contributors – including John Carpenter, Doug Bradley, and Barbara Crampton – In Search of Darkness is now recognized as the most complete retrospective documentary of the genre ever made.

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Funding & Production

Early fan support, including successful crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, enabled us to produce the documentary our way, without interference from a studio or outside investment.
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As momentum built, we assembled a “who’s-who" of ‘80s horror, including a wide range of directors, producers, actors, and FX specialists. The resulting 100+ hours of footage led to a four-hour-plus runtime packed full of compelling critical takes, insider tales, and unheard anecdotes.

In Search of Darkness premiered in front of a packed audience at BeyondFest, the highest attended genre film festival in the U.S.

"In Search of Darkness is a fantastic film and MUST-SEE for any fan of the horror genre." (In Search of Darkness)



In Search of Darkness achieved near-universal acclaim, with positive reviews from publications such as Forbes, Hollywood Reporter, The Verge, & Dread Central. Critics praised how comprehensive it was and how it delivered for true fans of the genre.

In Search of Darkness was nominated in the Best Documentary category of the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror awards, the horror industry’s most prestigious awards ceremony.

"HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to any horror fan" (In Search of Darkness)


"In Search of Darkness is a BRILLIANT, panoramic love letter to eighties horror" (In Search of Darkness)

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