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Thanks to the support of fans, In Search of Tomorrow was an enormous success. Now, with In Search of Tomorrow: Part II, we want to dive deeper into this incredible decade of movies that has so many more stories to tell and secrets to share. But we need your help…


Because this isn’t just our story - it’s yours. We want to bring the entire ‘80s Sci-Fi fan community around this project and give you - the fans - as much say in our collaborative process as possible.


Your input will provide insights, questions, and unique viewpoints that will enhance our interviews and elevate the final documentary. It is our goal that every sci-fi fan who chooses to get involved will feel seen and heard, and that the final documentary will be something that every supporter can relate to and feel as if they have contributed to.

This will be our most collaborative project yet, and it starts here.
Continue reading to meet our team, watch our Q&A,
read the synopsis, and provide your feedback.
Your input matters, and we can’t wait to hear from you.


Watch our In Search of Tomorrow: Part II Q&A, featuring Writer/Director David Weiner and Executive Producer Robin Block, to hear about our vision for the project.


Read the In Search of Tomorrow: Part II Synopsis. We encourage you to add comments directly to the synopsis if you wish to address a specific point.


Provide feedback using this form:


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