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Nightmare Industry

The Italian Horror Superdoc

Love Italian Horror?
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UPDATE 10th June 2022 

Unfortunately, development on 'Nightmare Industry' has been put on hold until further notice. Thanks so much to everyone that followed us and contributed to our survey ❤️. We'd love to be able to pick things up again in the future when there is less economic uncertainty. 🎬




UPDATE 27th January 2022 


The whole Nightmare Industry team would like to thank each and everyone one of the 1,700+ participants who took time out of their busy days to provide feedback on our synopsis; we’re taken aback by the positive response we’ve received so far and we’re currently processing and digesting everyone's response. We're looking forward to sharing more with you in the coming weeks.


In a single week we acquired over 900 followers over our social media channels, proving that there’s a demand for this project and we look forward to updating you all again with our progress. Until then, stay scared!

Produced by CREATORVC in partnership with acclaimed author and journalist Eugenio Ercolani (Darkening The Italian Screen) and filmmaker Phillip Escott (The Found Footage Phenomenon), Nightmare Industry will chart the rise and fall of Italian Horror, one of the wildest, goriest, and most unforgettable regional horror booms in the history of the genre!

Get involved below to let us know what you think about this project!


Your opinion matters: this project will only be greenlit if we get enough positive feedback from the community. Watch the Q&A video, read the treatment, then let us know what you think using the embedded form below!

Step One

Meet the Team and watch our Nightmare Industry Q&A with Directors Eugenio Ercolani and Philip Escott


Phillip Escott
Co-Director & Producer

Filmmaker and an avid fan of Italian horror cinema, when he isn’t making films he’s releasing them through his boutique label Fractured Visions. He also works with some of the leading boutique labels that deal with horror cinema, including Second Sight Films, 88 Films, 101 Films and Arrow Video. His films, Cruel Summer and The Found Footage Phenomenon, have played in numerous film festivals around the world, including Fright Fest in the UK, Sitges in Spain, Fantastic Fest in the US and Monster Fest in Australia and have secured global distribution.


Eugenio Ercolani
Co-Director & Producer

Filmmaker and film historian, he has written countless articles on Italian horror cinema and has written the ultimate book on the subject with Darkening The Italian Screen. He has interviewed many of the mavericks for boutique labels all around the world, including 88 Films, Arrow Video, X-Rated Kult, Wicked Vision and many more. He is the grandson of filmmaker Giulio Petroni, who directed much-loved Spaghetti Westerns such as Tepepa and Death Rides a Horse.

robin block headshot.jpeg

Robin Block
Exec Producer

Founder/CEO of CREATORVC, the world’s leading crowdfunded factual entertainment company. Robin is also the creator and Exec Producer of the critically acclaimed In Search of Darkness ‘80s horror documentary series and the forthcoming ‘80s Sci-Fi retrospective In Search of Tomorrow.

Step Two

Read the Nightmare Industry Synopsis

Step Three

Provide feedback using the form below or this link

Step Four

Follow @italianhorrordoc on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for future updates

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