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A nostalgic and celebratory look back at the most significant year in gaming history from the creators that made the games to the players who keep them popular today.


RETROGAMING 1989 will take audiences on a journey back to when arcade games were at their peak, and home consoles were fiercely competing to out-innovate each other.


Companies like Namco, Konami, Capcom, Atari, Sega and Nintendo were evolving and finding ways to outdo each other, introducing them into the home market and doing everything they could to steal quarters out of kids’ pockets in the arcades.


Why 1989? 1989 was a year of great convergence in the computer gaming industry. We had the beginning of the end of the 8-bit era, the start of the 16-bit era and the launch of the handheld era—a genuinely innovative and historical time.


We will explore the video games, characters and iconic gameplay moments that illuminated our youth.


RETROGAMING1989 will feature interviews and commentary from the game creators that were at the forefront of this era, as well as pro-gamers and influencers who keep the spirit of retro gaming alive with modern audiences.


An entertaining, informative, and nostalgic reflection of the peak year of the video game industry, RETROGAMING1989 will bring gamers back to a time when gaming was in its purest form.

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