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The Ultimate Documentary Companion to John Carpenter’s The Thing

Love The Thing? We Want to Hear From You! Fan Consultation Phase 1 Ends - July 1st 2024

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Like the ill-fated Norwegians who exhumed the shape-shifting alien entity, The Thing Expanded will dig deep into the proverbial iceberg that is John Carpenter’s 1982 masterpiece, enhancing your viewing experience with new insights, stories, and revelations.


This fan consultation is the first step to making that happen. To achieve something special, we need you - The Thing fan community - to share your unique insights, questions, and opinions with us. 


Help shape the documentary now by joining our fan consultation: watch the introductory video, read the synopsis, and then provide your feedback!

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STEP ONE: Watch Our Introductory Video

STEP TWO: Read The Synopsis

STEP THREE: Provide Feedback

STEP FOUR: Sign Up for Updates

This fan consultation is just the beginning. Consultation will continue throughout production, creating an interactive journey that will culminate with a unique and fantastic documentary that you will have helped make; the ultimate The Thing memento.


To stay up-date and be notified of future opportunities, sign up below to receive exclusive updates on the production. You can also follow @thingexpanded on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!


Thanks for subscribing!

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