Community-Powered Entertainment™

We are an independent producer of community-powered entertainment: long-form factual content that is funded, inspired, and shaped by a dedicated community of fans.

Our projects include the critically acclaimed documentaries In Search of the Last Action HeroesIn Search of Darkness and the upcoming In Search of Tomorrow and First Person Shooter.

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Crowdfunded Content for Superfans

  Because our projects are crowdfunded, we are completely focused on creating the content that our backers want. There’s no studio to tell us that “that’s too long” – if a documentary needs to be four hours long to tell a story, that’s what we do.


Building Communities

When you back a CreatorVC project you become part of a community of creators and backers who are invested in that documentary. You will make new friends, help shape the documentary, and get credited for your support in our film. Read more on our Community Page

Limited-Length Campaigns Enhance Value

  We offer our customers unique opportunities to get involved and add their own expertise and knowledge to a project. Our time-limited campaigns allow us to acknowledge their contribution in our documentary’s credits, creating a unique collector’s item for all our customers.


Get Involved

Support a Project

We do not currently have any campaigns running. Please subscribe to our mailing list to be updated as soon as In Search of Tomorrow is open to new members.

Be Interviewed for a Documentary

We are currently in pre-production for In Search of Tomorrow, the most comprehensive retrospective of the '80s Sci-Fi movie genre ever made. We welcome enquiries from film talent, recognized Sci-Fi experts, journalists, scientists, futurists, and anyone else with a unique viewpoint.

Partner with CreatorVC

Do you have a strong and loyal audience that loves ‘80s movies? We can work with you to create a Collector’s Edition of one of our existing (or upcoming). These Collector’s Editions combine new material filmed with you with one of our documentaries, and are the perfect way to create a unique collectable for your fanbase.  

Check out our case study for more information.

How It Works


We seek out special-interest niches with high levels of audience engagement and then develop projects we think they’d love.


We start building a community early in the process so that we can interact with and learn from the fans we’re creating for.


We use crowdfunding to validate our ideas and raise funds for our projects.


Our highly-skilled team creates the content that fans have asked for, interviewing directors, actors, SFX, and more to create an incredible documentary.


We create high-quality collector’s items that are made and shipped by our US fulfilment partners.