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Featured Projects

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In Search of Darkness


Our most recent documentary, “In Search of Darkness,” celebrates the most iconic era in cinema history: ‘80s horror. This is the most complete documentary of its kind, covering not just the characters, stories and personalities, but also the artwork, incredible practical special effects, and the eras impact on today’s films.


Funding: 395%+

Status: In Production

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In Search of the Last Action Heroes


Our first documentary, “In Search of the Last Action Heroes”, explores the story behind the ’80s action movie genre, examining how studios were able to turn outrageous concepts into genre-defining tropes, and how the one-man-army sub-genre produced the superstars of the era.


Funding: 500%+

Status: In Post Production

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In Search of Tomorrow


"In Search of Tomorrow" will be the most comprehensive retrospective of the '80s SF movie genre ever made.

Journey back with us to a time of childhood wonder,

imagination, and unlimited possibility as we explore

the films that defined our perspective of the future.

Status: In Development

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How Does It Work?

Why You Should Work With Us

Easy To Get Started. We’ll supply you with everything you need to start promoting our campaigns.


Access to Exclusive Ready-to-Share Content. We provide trailers, mash-ups, images, interview clips and more. This highly-relevant content helps you entertain your audience and spread the word about our campaign.


Monetise Your Audience Without Alienating Them. Earn commission for sharing something that your audience is going to love.


Expand Your Reach! We help you reach new audiences by supporting collaboration between multiple affiliates.


High-Conversion Rates. We invest in high-quality sales collateral to ensure your traffic doesn’t go to waste; this includes professional copy, images, and videos.


Pre-Launch Campaign. Our pre-launch campaign is one of the secrets of our success; we’ll give you the resources you need to build anticipation before the campaign starts.


Fixed-Length Campaigns Add Excitement and Prevent Audience Burnout. Our campaigns run for a fixed-length of time (typically 25-30 days). This adds excitement and means the campaign ends before your audience tires of hearing about it.

Success Stories

“My audience loved the campaign and the exclusive content, and the commission was an added bonus – easiest money I’ve made on YouTube!”

“I’ve never done affiliate marketing before, but the CreatorVC team made it easy. My followers enjoyed the content and I’m looking forward to promoting the next campaign!”

Oliver Harper

YouTube Creator, Oliver Harper Retrospectives


“Congrats on y'alls successful Indiegogo campaign. The Ultimate Action Movie Club was very honored to be chosen to help promote it!”


Jourdan Aldredge

Founder, The Ultimate Action Movie Club,

The world’s largest community for fans of 80s and 90s action movies

“They're a fantastic team who know their stuff, and their film is gonna completely blow die-hard horror fans and casual viewers alike away.”

Ross Peacock

YouTube Creator, Rossatron


“These guys really know what they're doing! Their project was a great fit for my audience, and the content they provided did the hard work for me.”


Cecil Trachenburg

YouTube Creator, GoodBadFlicks


“We're proud to be working with CreatorVC as their aesthetic and content are a great fit for us and our audience. ”



CEO, New Retro Wave


“I had a blast working with CreatorVC. They love the '80s almost as much as I do - and it shows! Their passion for their work shines through in everything they do and I can't wait to see the finished product.”


Joseph Mercier

YouTube Creator, The 80s Guy

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